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BizReport : June 25, 2012 Archive

June 25, 2012 Archive

Internet | June 25, 2012

Study reveals generational differences when leaving online product reviews

Millennials are more likely to give negative product reviews than Gen X or Boomers, according to new research from Bazaarvoice, with the Irish being the most negative of all. >>

Internet | June 25, 2012

Connected travelers suffering technology-separation anxiety

Mobile computing devices are keeping travelers connected, but not without some consequences. Many of today's connected travelers are suffering from technology-separation anxiety, with some even putting their health and vacation enjoyment at risk. >>

Ecommerce | June 25, 2012

LGBT: $790 billion buying power but what are their favorite brands?

The total buying power of the LGBT U.S. adult population in 2012 will be $790 billion, according to latest figures. Which brands tick their boxes? A new survey from YouGov reveals the top brands among the gay community, with Android topping the list. >>

Mobile Marketing | June 25, 2012

Study: Location-tagging growing in importance for people

A new study out from JiWire indicates more and more consumers are location-tagging photos snapped and shared on the go from mobile devices. In fact, according to the report 72% prefer taking on-the-go pictures with a mobile device rather than a camera. The act of location tagging can give marketers are more direct look at how consumers are engaging. Here's how: >>

Social Marketing | June 25, 2012

Study: How to make pins go viral

In another century 'getting pinned' meant a sorority girl accepted a fraternity pin from a boy - a sign of 'going steady' - that they 'liked' one another. At least that's what my mother says. Getting pinned today means something entirely different - although similar. Pins, via new social networking site Pinterest, are a sign a consumers (pinner) likes a brand (pinnee) or product or service. But, do brands really know what makes pinning work for the brand? >>

Advertising | June 25, 2012

Brands' biggest problems? Lack of unified vision, finds study

According to IBM's State of Marketing 2012 study brands admit there is a gap between the integration of the marketing and IT departments, perhaps most troublesome is that there isn't a unified vision for the brand - and its undertakings - between these departments. The report found nearly half of respondents believe improvements in those areas would be benficial. >>