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BizReport : June 13, 2012 Archive

June 13, 2012 Archive

Advertising | June 13, 2012

Optify expands inbound marketing tools

Email is getting an upgrade thanks to an expansion and addition from marketing platform Optify. Releasing today, the new suite of tools is set up to expand Optify's existing inbound marketing platform and to add email options to the mix, giving marketers more ways to engage in-market shoppers. >>

Social Marketing | June 13, 2012

UK: Consumers turn to social for service but no-one's listening

When it comes to online customer service in the UK via social channels, it seems the lights are on but no-one's listening. Despite more customers turning to social media channels to air their complaints or ask questions, the vast majority of companies are turning a deaf ear, according to new research from Eptica. >>

Mobile Marketing | June 13, 2012

Flurry empowers app marketers to measure effectiveness of traffic acquisition campaigns

This year more than $1 billion will be spent by mobile app marketers on traffic acquisition, estimates mobile app measurement and ad platform Flurry. Many of them won't be able to adequately measure the effectiveness of those campaigns, a problem Flurry intends to solve with the launch of its analytics service. >>

Research | June 13, 2012

How people are engaging in hot mobile space

A new forecast from eMarketer predicts mobile tablet users (US) could double in 2012 to reach almost 70 million. That would make nearly one-third of online US consumers mobile-via-tablet. More than 50 million are expected to use Apple's iPad by year'd end, but Apple's market share is expected to begin declining, by as much as 68% in 2015 as competitor products reach the market. >>

Social Marketing | June 13, 2012

comScore research reveals effectiveness of Facebook ads

To advertise on Facebook or not, that is the question many are asking. Recent user polls and the actions of advertisers have put doubts in many marketers' minds. comScore has now added to the debate with new data that reveals ads on Facebook are effective in driving sales. >>

Advertising | June 13, 2012

Microsoft patent proposes serving ads based on body-language

Facebook asks its users, "What's on your mind?". A patent filed by Microsoft could answer that question for you and serve ads matching your mood or body-language. >>

Ecommerce | June 13, 2012

How recurring billing can jumpstart revenue

With many in the online space focused on ecommerce and mobile shopping, these one-time purchasers are leaving a lot on the table. At least according to one expert. He says recurring billing - subscription sales - are the way to reach revenue gold in the online space. >>