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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : May 02, 2012

Tech blogs - software companies more likely to have active blog

The debate rages on - is blogging in decline? Recent research shows that it isn't as easy to pin down as first thought with some sectors blogging more than others.

by Helen Leggatt

Last month, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth released research findings that showed the number of corporate blogs is declining. Back in 2010, half of companies had a corporate blog.

In 2011 that figure declined significantly to just 37%. Among Fortune 500 companies, growth in blogging has leveled off with 23% continuing to blog in 2011, the same as in 2010, compared to 91% who use social media.

paradox of blogging.pngBut what's happening among tech companies? According to recent research by Percussion Software the news isn't any better. Just 20.5% of mid-market tech companies have a corporate blog. Of that percentage, over a quarter are "dormant" in that they have not been updated for the last 30 days.

In its report "The Paradox of Blogging and Content Management", Percussion discovered a pattern emerging. The bigger a company's revenue the more likely they were to have a blog. Only 15.58% of smaller companies ($20-25 million in annual revenues) have a blog, compared with 19.4% of midsize companies ($30-49 million in revenues) and 25.35% of larger companies ($50-100 million in revenues).

One tech segment bucked the blogging trend in more way than one, found Percussion. Software companies were found to blog more than any other - 42.8% vs. 20.5% for the tech sector overall and over half (55.1%) of smaller software companies, under $20 million in revenues, maintained an active blog.

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  • nearlyfreelance

    I think probably the novelty has worn off. 

    However, with many of the updates to Google's algorithms, though, especially the latest ones, blogging presents a stronger platform than ever for helping a company with its online presence. 

    I think companies will begin to think of their blog as an advertising mechanism more strategically as we move forward.



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