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BizReport : Social Marketing : May 24, 2012

How to take advantage of local social trends

The local social ad space is set to surge according to a new report from eMarketer, but simply being in the space isn't enough. Brands need to know how to spot trends and what to do in that space.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How important is it for businesses to 'go local' with online advertising?

Dick O'Hare, Founder, Local Yokel Media: Approximately 80% of consumer spending occurs within a 15 mile radius of consumers' homes. That represents a very large opportunity. Whether you are a local community business, a regional business (for example a 10 branch regional bank) or a national business (for example a new Staples store launch), it is important for the local communities within your service area to know you are there and what your business means to them. We have found in our ad campaign results that this local perspective can collapse the purchase funnel for consumers. They can go from awareness to purchase very quickly once they become aware of a local business that has what they are looking for.

Kristina: A New Jersey Law Firm recently undertook a hyperlocal campaign on Local Yokel - their results included a Cost per Click of 1/10th the average Geo-Targeted Google campaign. Are these results typical for brands advertising locally online?

Dick: From our perspective, the leading indicator of ad performance is contextual relevance of the ad message with the content environment in which it is consumed. Our mission at Local Yokel Media is to deliver (hyper)local ad messages within (hyper)local content addressing only those communities within the service area of the merchant. We call this 'geo-contextual relevance'. This level of contextual relevance along with a compelling ad message are the two key ingredients of success like we saw with the law firm example. We strive to deliver these two key critical components for our local advertising customers.

Kristina: What trends are you noticing in local advertising currently? And do you expect from the remainder of 2012?

Dick: Obviously local deals has been a big trend in local, but it is starting to settle down. As all the hype from this segment of the local market has subsided, it has become clear that this level of local promotion is appropriate for some local businesses, but not others, like low margin businesses or businesses with limited capacity.

Location based services are still in their infancy and it remains to be seen if technologies like geo-fencing and long./lat. targeting deliver scalable performance. Local video advertising is taking hold as it is becoming more engaging for the ad message. From my perspective, mobile advertising is still developing for the local market, but it will represent a bigger and bigger opportunity as developments like mobile content management systems take more of a hold in the market.

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    If you ever want bad grammar and multitudinous buzz words that can easily obscure the message, this "article" is a prime example.



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