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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : May 01, 2012

Brands: Are you having the why-change conversation? You should.

A recent survey from Corporate Visions found more than half of brand respondents aren't ready for virtual conversations about their products or services. Not because of a lack of information but because most of the aids for this type of conversation hasn't been created for an online environment.

by Kristina Knight

For example, many companies still use PowerPoints which are static for several minutes. This is not engaging to online users - even employees and trainees. Corporate Visions takes those presentations and helps the company create a more engaging, useful presentation so that online conversations are simpler.

"When you look at the customer's decision making process and the cause-to-buy, marketing has been pre-disposed to tell why a company/product is great. But, there is an important part of the process - the choice to do something different and that isn't a marketing conversation," said Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Corporate Visions. "It's a 'why-change' dialogue, and to date there has been a failure in crafting that type of message. There is so much of the market that is still trying to decide if they need to do something different and this type of messaging captures that."

That why-change conversation is what Corporate Visions helps brands do better. By first differentiating brands' products and then offering a personalized online experience, Corporate Visions helps train salespeople and brands how to have those game-changing conversations, offering consumers more than product information. Instead, they focus on how a product changes the life of the consumer.

The change from a focus of offline conversation to online can take several weeks, but it starts with creating or changing the messaging and training employees.

"That can take a month, and then by week five, those employees are ready to start talking to customers," said Riesterer. "We're finding many companies creating videos as message objects linked to tweets or emails or websites and creating a self-service access point from there."

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