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BizReport : May 31, 2012 Archive

May 31, 2012 Archive

Blogs & Content | May 31, 2012

New release makes finding, sharing content simpler

Publishers, a new app in the marketplace could push your content farther into the field. From Taptu, the online app makes it simple for readers to engage with content - and then share that content through their circles. >>

Advertising | May 31, 2012

R.I.P 468x60 banner ad format

In a blog post today, Google announced the death of a once-popular banner ad format and the release of a new report to help publishers determine what does, and doesn't, work in online advertising. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 31, 2012

iPhone users gobble up data

When technology research firm Analysys Mason analysed the data usage of smartphone users they found that Apple's iPhone owners were far more data-hungry than any other. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 31, 2012

Global mobile payment transactions rise 61.9% YoY

Near-field communication payments won't hit the mass market until 2015, says Gartner in a recent report, but global mobile payment transaction values are set to grow by 42% a year as the number of mobile payment users rise. >>

Ecommerce | May 31, 2012

Tablets pushing retail, gifts to grads moving up

Heading into the summer months retailers may get a boost from graduates and tablets. New date from the NRF and from indicate that gifts to grads will go up again this year while more consumers are connecting to retailers through their tablets. >>

Social Marketing | May 31, 2012

How WOM continues to surprise brands

Word of Mouth marketing is not new. Brands have relied on WOM for decades, but the online space offers consumers and brand advocates new ways to engage with and share their favorite brands. Here's how one WOM platform helps brands engage. >>