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BizReport : May 7, 2012 Archive

May 7, 2012 Archive

Internet | May 07, 2012

Teens: Connecting online increasingly face-to-face

Teenagers today are connected via the Internet. As well as chat rooms and social networks, they are very comfortable using video to communicate and entertain, according to new research from Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 07, 2012

Lightspeed Research reveals app preferences for tablet, smartphone users

Smartphone and tablet users have very different preferences when it comes to which apps they load onto their devices and how much they'll pay, according to new research from Lightspeed Research. >>

Blogs & Content | May 07, 2012

How rich content is helping brands online

Rich content isn't new to most of the online universe, but rich content is helping some manufacturers connect at a deeper level with consumers. One of the platforms facilitating this is WebCollage, a provider of rich product information to retail websites. Through their platform manufacturers can publish to help increase sales, reduce return rates and improve conversions. >>

Email Marketing | May 07, 2012

Why email has to connect faster

According to research email messages are viewed, on average, less than thirty seconds each. Which only gives a small window of opportunity for email marketers or retailers to connect with their list members. A new offering from LiveIntent could help marketers make that faster connection across online screens. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 07, 2012

Over 90% of mobile game revenues generated by in-app purchases

A new study from market research company Newzoo reveals that the vast majority of revenues from mobile games are generated by in-game purchases. >>

Loyalty Marketing | May 07, 2012

What prompts loyalty from affluents?

The affluent market is one most retailers want to tap into. A new study from Motista, focused on data from Q1 2012, may shed light on this subject. Of particular interest is that many affluents surveyed reports they liked retailers who helped to 'perform at a higher level'. >>