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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : April 25, 2012

Three Questions with SundaySky's Jim Dicso

Video is growing by leaps and bounds - 38 billion clips in March, according to ComScore and other metrics firms find consumers are watching for longer stretches of time.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How is this increased interest in video content and advertising affecting video advertisers?

Jim Dicso, President, SundaySky: Certainly the increase of online video viewing drives increased volume of potential advertising. This should increase reach and the increased inventory should provide downward pressure on the cost of video ad impressions. The increased time spent watching online videos translates to increased commitment to watching pre-roll ads which represent our primary placement. In addition, with more available inventory, you not only can improve your reach, but also optimize performance.

Kristina: I believe the latest is that 15% of time spent with video is actually video ads - is this a good mix? Or an indication that video could support more ads?

Jim: As with most advertising approaches, too much drives fatigue and can have a negative impact on viewing behavior. At this point in the market's development, this seems like a reasonable split. As the medium grows and new advertising strategies emerge, I expect this could grow. We believe that the more relevant the ad, the more tolerant the viewers will be. Online video offers opportunities to deliver more personalized and targeted ads that will actually bring the viewer added value. One of the emerging trends we're seeing is the convergence of content and advertising, where the ads are part of the content viewing experience.

Kristina: What are brands doing right with video ads? And what can they do better?

Jim: When it comes to online video advertising, we see that many brands are leveraging lessons learned from TV advertising and applying it online. However, online video advertising presents new opportunities. From pure brand awareness campaigns, brands can now deploy smarter strategies that would allow them to measure the impact of video ads and deliver more targeted and personalized ads to the viewers.

More from Jim and SundaySky tomorrow - including his top three tips for video engagement and the importance of video relevance.

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