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BizReport : Advertising archives : April 09, 2012

Pardon the Interruption? Ad provider says yes

The consumer interest in online video shows no signs of waning; if anything, consumers seem more interested in online viewing each month. What is the best way to engage the consumer with the content and from that create a buying customer?

by Kristina Knight

From online original programming to network streaming and a healthy dose of user generated content the number of video views goes up each month. blurbIQ is taking a different stance than many video ad providers, though, saying brands should make the viewing experience more game-like.

Kristina: What benefit is there for advertisers to have blurbIQ interrupt [consumer] viewing of an ad?

Scott Reese, blurbIQ CEO: The 'interruption' is an engaging activity that is a fun experience for the consumer. The advertiser benefits from gaining value data on how the consumer perceives the brand and understands the value proposition of the video. By now PLAYING the video, the consumer stays within the video experience longer and learns about the advertisers products and benefits. The consumer now remembers the brand when he or she goes to purchase.

Kristina: How do users react to being asked questions related to brand messages?

Scott: They like it. Consumers love trivia and love a challenge. The consumer is used to being interrupted by an advertisement prior to watching the video content they were trying to watch in the first place. Instead of having to wait and watch a video that may not be relevant to them, they now have something to do as the advertisement is presented to them. It peaks their curiosity and gives them something to do.

Kristina: What do advertisers learn from your survey of their audiences?

Scott: The advertisers learn how and if their audiences received the video message. They also learn how effective the video spot is and if the audience chooses to engage in the video spot. The single most important thing the advertiser learns is whether or not their video spot is effective enough to influence consumers to buy their products.

Kristina: Have you seen consistent enough answer across scores of campaigns to give advertisers any advice about video spots?

Scott: Yes. We have consistently seen that over 30% of consumers choose to engage and answer at least 1 question about the video content. We can tell advertisers that the consumer is now getting the tagline of the video and if the video spot resonates with the consumer. Advertisers can now see how far consumers interact into their video spot by the questions that are answered at specific levels within the video spot. For example, if the tagline question is presented to the consumer at the 80% video completion, the advertiser knows that the consumer was actually watching and engaging with the video asset. Advertisers can utilize the new data to tell whether or not consumers are interested in their products and are choosing to engage in their video assets.

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