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BizReport : Research archives : April 23, 2012

How going green can save at home and at the office

Earth Day 2012 may have officially passed into history yesterday, but several brands and experts are urging both consumers and business executives to make a bigger effort in green practices. That effort, by the way, is urged both at home and at the office. How can businesses go green?

by Kristina Knight

ED2012.jpgFirst, the why. A new report from WordStream suggests the entire world could be 'online' by 2017. If that prediction comes to fruition, we'll be consuming much more energy. According to WordStream data the US had more than 10 million data centers in 2005; those centers used enough energy to power the UK for up to two months.

How can you take advantage of energy savings - at home at the office? TechBargains offers these tips:

• Adjust power settings on televisions and even computer monitors. Most are set up with high brightness for in-store attention. At home, the brightness can be adjusted.
• Don't toss old gadgets or equipment. Have an old mobile device? How about a hand-held video game? Don't just toss them in the trash, donate to charity or recycle the units so they don't take up space in landfills. That goes for old computer hard-drives and monitors, too, just make sure you erase the drives first.
• Use power strips and surge protectors to reduce the costs of 'standby' energy consumption

"These simple energy saving tips can not only put money back in your pocket, but they help the environment," said Yung Trang, President and Editor in Chief of "As consumers devote more of their time and money to electronics, energy consumption becomes more of an issue. By taking a few minutes we can each do our part to painlessly and profitably start our own green initiatives at home."

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  • Ady

    Another way to go green is by reducing your paper consumption. Home offices, professional firms and small businesses can do so by scanning documents using a scanner and small business document management software. Sohodox is a solution that lets you scan all your paper based documents and also add to its database, those documents that you created in electronic formats. It helps you organize them in multiple, search friendly ways. You can even edit them, email them and fax them from within the Sohodox interface itself.

  • Anniecox44

    I don't know about the rest of the World but shame on Britain, Not even regarded important enough to make the main BBC News. "When will they ever learn".



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