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BizReport : April 23, 2012 Archive

April 23, 2012 Archive

Blogs & Content | April 23, 2012

Study: Blogging in decline as social media takes over

New research by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth reveals that corporate blogging is in decline as corporates turn to social media to keep consumers up-to-date and engaged. >>

Social Marketing | April 23, 2012

Top 3 tips to integrate social with ecommerce

With shoppers spending more time looking for and sharing retailer information through their social networks, brands are rapidly adopting a social commerce model. But more is needed than links to a storefront. >>

Internet | April 23, 2012

Study reveals two-thirds of SMB websites lack contact details and links to social

A large number of SMBs aren't providing basic contact information or links to their social media channels, according to new research from SMB DigitalScapee and BIA Kelsey. >>

Mobile Marketing | April 23, 2012

3 Questions with Constant Contact's Kevin O'Brien

With the number of mobile devices steadily growing, it's no wonder advertising platforms are incorporating more mobile tools. Take the AppConnect Program at Constant Contact, a program that helps software providers and app developers integrate their mobile offerings with the Constant Contact suite of tools. >>

Ecommerce | April 23, 2012

70% of brands rely on discounting to drive direct purchases

Despite the risk of cannibalizing existing sales channels, brands are pushing ahead with investments to sell direct to the public, according to recent research by ecommerce trading solutions firm eCommera. But are they relying too heavily on discounting? >>

Research | April 23, 2012

How going green can save at home and at the office

Earth Day 2012 may have officially passed into history yesterday, but several brands and experts are urging both consumers and business executives to make a bigger effort in green practices. That effort, by the way, is urged both at home and at the office. How can businesses go green? >>