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BizReport : April 18, 2012 Archive

April 18, 2012 Archive

Law & Regulation | April 18, 2012

EU Cookie Law deadline looms but businesses and consumers unprepared

With just weeks before the Information Commissioner's Office imposes the EU Cookie Law studies suggest that many companies don't comply and under a quarter of consumers will opt into cookies. >>

Advertising | April 18, 2012

Cross-screen viewing increases purchase intent

Cross-screen viewing can increase purchase intent by up to 72%, reveals a new study by Nielsen for video ad network AdColony. >>

Advertising | April 18, 2012

Hulu to charge only for ads streamed to completion

Internet TV service Hulu has announced advertisers will not be charged unless their advertisements have been streamed through to completion. >>

Viral Marketing | April 18, 2012

Brands: Should you allow viewers to skip your ads?

Consumers don't want to wait, that is the logic behind new ad technologies that allow consumers to skip video ads. But, according to one industry expert, this 'skipping' may actually be detrimental to brands. So, to skip or not to skip? That is the question. >>

Ecommerce | April 18, 2012

Brands: Why you need intent, not just behavior

Brands have been fighting the re-engagement battle with online shoppers for years. One solution, Intent Media, helps to monetize the more than 90% of website visitors who leave without making a purchase. They do this by identifying actions and then targeting relevant content to these users. >>

Ecommerce | April 18, 2012

Survey: E-Tailers most concerned with customer experience

Online retailers are taking to heart the need for a cohesive customer experience. That, according to the latest data from the e-tailing group. In their 11th Annual survey 31% of senior executives reported the customer experience as the most important focus for their company. >>