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BizReport : April 4, 2012 Archive

April 4, 2012 Archive

Mobile Marketing | April 04, 2012

Group is working to protect mobile privacy

A new consortium, with members from some of the biggest mobile brands, is aiming to help keep consumer information private on the mobile web. Called The ODIN [Open Device Identification Number] Working Group, the members are working to create industry standards for mobile device identification. >>

Social Marketing | April 04, 2012

Eye-tracking: Consumers disorientated by new Timeline

The new Timeline is taking some getting used to by both consumers and brands. New eye-tracking research by SimpleUsability gives brands an idea of how consumers are looking at the new format and suggests how brands can make the transition easier and maintain engagement. >>

Internet | April 04, 2012

Survey: Two-thirds of China's 180 million gamers pay to play

China is outpacing the world in many arenas, one of which is paying to play online. According to new data from Asian video game market intelligence firm Niko Partners, 64% of China's millions of online gamers spend money while playing each month. >>

Ecommerce | April 04, 2012

Email continues to out-do social to drive purchases

Email continues to be the most common way consumers receive digital messages from brands but, with the onslaught of social media, is it still the most effective? ExactTarget's recent research reveals some interesting behavior. >>

Advertising | April 04, 2012

Demandbase release personalizes web experience

Personalized experience is a phrase that has been buzzing around the online ad space for more than six months, but in 2012 brands are beginning to see results from that personalization. A new system from Demandbase should give online brands even more insight into how consumers are engaging and interacting with the web - by offering a more personalized experience. >>

Social Marketing | April 04, 2012

Top three tips to optimize social marketing efforts

Social networking is growing by leaps and bounds as consumers share information about the minutiae of their lives. But for brands, the social space is still an unknown. The logic of connecting with consumers already in the space has many creating branded pages. Here are our top three tips for optimizing a brand's social profile. >>

Mobile Marketing | April 04, 2012

Nexage releases RTB reporting, screening options for mobile

A new tool out from Nexage could put a new, real time spin on mobile marketing. The reporting tool should give marketers more insight into how mobile campaigns are faring, with the ability to drill down to trends and patterns. >>