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BizReport : Social Marketing : March 05, 2012

Twitter feature allows age-restriction screening

Some brands that cater to exclusively adults need to make sure their audience is of the right age no matter where they are targeting them. A new Twitter feature for such brands has been launched to ensure Tweets are only getting through to an age-appropriate audience.

by Helen Leggatt

vitrue logo.pngAlcohol brands, breweries and mature content all need barriers put in place to ensure innocent eyes aren't watching. Many age-restricted websites already have processes in place to ascertain the age of their users.

A new feature has been launched by Atlanta-based social marketing firm Vitrue. Called "Twitter Gate", it will control who has access to age-restricted promotional messages by inserting an extra process in the Twitter Follow request.

This extra step in the Follow process asks the user for their country and date of birth, in much the same way age-restricted brands have been doing on their websites for a long time.

However, the process relies entirely on the user entering their correct date of birth, there are no checks done to verify this.

Vitrue's director of product management, John Nolt, told Mashable, "Brands have a responsibility to make sure they take appropriate measures to ensure the right age group and demographic is looking at their content. This will allow brands to demonstrate their commitment to that effort."

Vitrue has set up a Twitter account for a fake brewery called BrookstrutAle (@BrookstrutAle) via which the Twitter Gate process is demonstrated.

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  • The problem with this is: people are asked to put their age in. They can choose anything they like. There has been an age restriction on Facebook but this does not stop kids getting on.



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