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BizReport : Research archives : March 22, 2012

Top 3 mobile trends brands should follow

Mobile advertising is forecast to top $1 billion (US) this year, which has many brands looking at mobile advertising in a new way. A profitable way. The problem is that the mobile space is a different type of ad space - and many brands aren't ready for the challenge.

by Kristina Knight

As the tablet market explodes and more consumers convert from feature to smartphone - and smartphone to smartphone - brands need to know how best to engage across all screens. Jivox CEO Diaz Nesamoney offers his tips.

Kristina: A recent report found more than half of US and UK consumers would switch brands if 'advertised at' too much. How can advertisers find that happy medium where the ads are served but consumers aren't overwhelmed?

Diaz: Great question and I think it is a fine line. It is important is to ensure the ad that is being delivered is creative and features interactive capabilities that educate, entertain and entice the user to take action, whether it is to post on Facebook or click on it for more details. Users don't want to just sit and watch an interrupting 30-second pre-roll ad for a car while waiting to view their favorite TV show on a tablet. They want to get value from that ad. They want to feel the experience of the car, learn about it, possibly find their local dealer and tell their friends about it.

Kristina: How can brands better incorporate the different screens into their ad strategy?

Diaz: It is imperative to make it as easy as possible for advertisers to create and deliver engaging ads on any screen. To do this, advertisers need to take advantage of technology that enables them to maintain their creativity yet provide a highly immersive and engaging experience for users across mobile devices and smartphones. The use of ad technology to create and deliver these ad experiences ensures these ads can be delivered at scale across the myriad of mobile devices hitting the market each month.

Kristina: What three trends do brands need to make note of?

Diaz: Shift in The Media Buy - the next evolution in online media buying is less about what channels do I advertise in? How do I spend my digital dollars? And more about how do I reach my target audience across screens. This is a big shift and means that we (as an industry) should no longer be worrying about moving TV dollars online. With the advent of connected TV, emergence of smartphones and availability of cable premium content online the media buy is now becoming one single TV buy across multiple screens.

Emerging Standards for Creative and Ad Delivery - One of the biggest challenges with mobile/tablet ad ads today has been the complete lack of standards. As a result execution of mobile/tablet campaigns has been an extremely difficult process for agencies and brands as well as for publishers. These standards enable highly creative and immersive experiences to be delivered at scale as brands, agencies, publishers and ad tech vendors agree on a supply chain to deliver these kinds of ad experiences at scale.

Rise of Rich In App Advertising Experiences - In-app campaigns can be more targeted and timely. As consumers increasingly download more apps this will be an important trend to watch. The best of these apps will be rich media ads offer more in-app interactivity including video.

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  • mobilewatcher!

    very badly written article, difficult to read and to get the core "3 trends" as the headline suggests.



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