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BizReport : Research archives : March 05, 2012

Study: Our engagement with brands based on pleasure

When it comes to making purchases - both large and small - a growing theme is on price. Help consumers save money and they'll buy more products from you, goes some of the logic. But a new report from Crested Unlimited flies in the face of that, reporting instead that the leading purchase motivator remains pleasure.

by Kristina Knight

Researchers surveyed UK consumers for the report.

"With brands all effectively competing for the same pound, we carried out this research to identify whether there was a way to measure brand enrichment that would be universal across brand categories, providing a long-term platform for brands to overcome consumer editing. That's what the eight dimensions do," said John Crowther, Managing Partner, Creston Unlimited. "Using these dimensions through our brand measurement tool CUBE (Creston Unlimited Brand Enrichment), brands can see how well, or badly, both they and their competitors enrich consumers' lives and use this knowledge to create better differentiation and stronger engagement. The differences in women compared to men, and also between consumers at different lifestages and income levels, is something that brands need to understand and react to if they want to be relevant to today's consumer."

Some interesting findings from the study include:

• 23% of brand choices are driven by pleasure
• Pleasure drives 26% of men's brand buying choices
• 19% of women base brand decisions on pleasure
• Confidence drives 22% of women's brand buying choices

Other factors for purchasing decisions include Status, Responsibility, Effectiveness and Saving. And, surprisingly, less well-off consumers were found to have a stronger emotional tie than more well-off consumers.

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  • Pleasure is under served in the online shopping world.  When most customers complete a purchase there is an instant feeling of gratification.  Pleasure.  In apparel, one could go as far to say pleasure is achieved by the "Thrill" of getting the item wanted in the "minds eye".  Pleasure is created differently for women than men!  Creston has it right, it is emotional, emotive, sensory, visual.... all of the above visual and sensory stimuli will bring about successful new technologies to bring the real world to the web and the web to the real world.



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