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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : March 21, 2012

Platform offers brands, consumers better ways to engage

Several studies have been released with findings that businesses are using online data to the best of their abilities. Hinting, in fact, that brands are leaving dollars on the table - so to speak - where online initiatives are concerned. Theorem is one business helping brands tap into the available differently so that actionable information is delivered.

by Kristina Knight

How does Theorem facilitate 'meetings' between brands and consumers?

Jay Kulkarni, Founder & CEO, Theorem: Our focus is on enabling our customers - publishers, technology enterprises and platforms - to serve as that facilitator. We do this by providing comprehensive online media operations and reporting capabilities. We provide creative design services, optimized ad placement and robust analytics tools to help our customers reach their marketing objectives by connecting brands with targeted consumer groups.

Kristina: Perhaps the biggest influence in online marketing - at least in the last 2 years - is mobile. How is mobile changing how brands and consumers connect?
Jay: There has been a profound change in how brands and consumers connect due to the mainstreaming of mobile communications. The intersection of pure technology and communications enables mass media delivered on a personal level.
With mobile devices, consumers carry a portable window to the world everywhere they go, and it's always on, as opposed to the model that was standard just a few years ago that required consumers to log on to the Internet. This delivers an ideal scenario to facilitate brand engagement since consumers are always at the point of sale.

Kristina: What are the top two trends you're seeing in online marketing?

Jay: Immediacy and intimacy: Marketing capabilities allow marketers to reach consumers immediately and adjust their messaging in real time in response to consumer metrics. This is possible since consumers are increasingly connected 24/7 via smartphones and tablet devices. Marketers are getting smarter about how to make a connection by using consumer data to tailor messages to customer preferences. This introduces greater levels of intimacy.

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