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BizReport : Advertising : March 01, 2012

Expert: Optimization is about more than metric reporting

In the online advertising world marketers are becoming more obsessed with campaign personalization and optimization. But, according to one expert, optimizing campaigns based on an identified metric is only half the battle; brands also need to take into account which audience segments are involved, how campaigns are designed and other factors.

by Kristina Knight

"Optimizing campaigns is about much more than identifying a metric to report against," said Tony Zito, mediaFORGE CEO. "[We read] research indicating that people who click ads have certain demographic characteristics; but in asking general questions about clicking banners, you find nearly everyone is not clicking and yet most are making purchases."

According to a recent whitepaper from mediaFORGE the key to campaign success isn't blinding basing success on clicks. The key is designing a campaign, identifying and audience and then engaging them with interactivity.

"To engage users you have to have interactivity," said Zito. "It can be through video, social media content, etc. Something about that ad has to interest the consumer. The goal has to be to find those interested buyers and then engage them rather than just trying to find someone who may or may not be like someone else who may have a propensity to buy."

So, interactivity is the first step. From there, Zito suggests creating campaigns with brand providence. That is to say, don't bury the brand beneath screaming headlines about scales; make the brand more prominent in the ad. And, finally, personalize - base targeting on preferences of actual consumers.

"That is what we [at mediaFORGE] do," said Zito. "It can be as simple as building creative based on gender preferences. [We try to] better define who the user is and then back that up with creative that speaks to the user; it can be location, gender, any number of things."

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