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BizReport : Research : March 13, 2012

Brands: How to do personalization better

Over the past few months buzzwords like 'personalize' and 'local targeting' have been batted around - a lot - in the online space. Some brands have jumped in, trying to create a personalized, local experience online only to see few actual results. Want a better shot at doing personalization right? Read on.

by Kristina Knight

Personalization, says our expert, is all about relevance which is all about successful customer experience. John Kottcamp is the Chief Strategy and Marketing Office with Tahzoo, an online shop specializing in creating superior customer experiences online.

"We believe that customer experience management (CEM), which is ultimately what Tahzoo offers, is quickly becoming not only the fastest growing segment of marketing, but the final step in being able to create a business strategy that understands the new role of the consumer and puts companies on the road to being truly customer-centric," said Kottcamp. "The key to personalization is having a robust content management system that can intelligently select and present the right content, at the right time, via the right channel to the right customer."

To do personalization 'right', Kottcamp explains, companies need to invest is unique messaging tactics, unique dashboards for customers and employees and trade on location in some cases. This takes a lot of organization and pre-planning, which some companies aren't doing.

"There are silos between channels like broadcast, web, email," said Kottcamp. "But different product groups are going after the same audience and fighting each other for share of wallet. To be successful in CEM, companies have to prepare and this often means tackling sometimes significant change management issues."

Kottcamp's top three tips for personalization:

• Understand what is important to your customers, not for your company or brand
• Focus on creating and managing content that lends itself to personalization - by region, language, audience or media
• Evaluate your maturity

"Do an evaluation as to how ready you are to embrace customer experience management across the company and only then will you be ready to successfully use personalization to create relevant experiences that are rewarded by customers with their spend, their loyalty and affinity."

Tags: ad targeting, advertising, location based marketing, personalized experience, Tahzoo

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  • Chris Knight

    Personalization is the difference between raving fans and fickle consumers. John's work is brilliant and Tahzoo has the tools to take care of business. His track record and adoring clients speak volumes.

  • Kristina.  I just started following you and you are doing a great job of reporting on the area of Personalization.  I believe Personalization is an umbrella to covering many forms of personalized content.  My company focuses on product recommendations based on individual preferences of visual and sensory preferences.  Personalization is the wild west, open to those who understand it is personal, not just another campaign buzz word!  Keep up the great work!



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