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BizReport : Advertising archives : March 22, 2012

AdSafe: Over 38% of display ads never seen

New research by brand protection and online content rating firm AdSafe reveals that over 38% of display ads are never seen by Internet users, irrespective of where they appear on the page.

by Helen Leggatt

adsafe logo.pngSome online ads are never seen. Sometimes the ads appear below-the-fold and users don't scroll down the webpage far enough to see them. Other times ads that are placed above-the-fold are scrolled past before they have had a chance to load or aren't in view due to variations in browser size.

Brand protection and online content rating company AdSafe recently reviewed user engagement with display ads. They analyzed the 1.5 billion ad impressions their system processes each day to verify whether ads were in view to a user, for how long and whether ads were in view at page open and/or page close.

AdSafe found that over 38% of all display ads, irrespective of placement on a page, were either not in view or were in view for less than the half a second the IAB deemed acceptable as an "ad view".

Furthermore, 97% of the ads not in-view for at least half a second were not in-view at all.

While above- or below-the-fold placement is important in print media, it is less important online. In fact, this and other studies have shown that below-the-fold may be where consumer engagement is greatest and that above-the-fold placements aren't a safe bet.

""Above-the-fold" is a concept that the online ad industry carried over from print newspapers," says AdSafe in its report (.pdf), "but due to variances in browser sizes, page load times, tabs, navigation layers, and application windows, above-the-fold ads are often never in view to their users - making it, when assessed alone, less and less meaningful as a measurement of media value."

Earlier this year, comScore used new measurement software called "Validated Campaign Essentials" (vCE) to provide advertisers with analysis of which ads in an online campaign are seen by Internet users. Their research found that 31% of online display ads aren't seen.

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