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BizReport : March 5, 2012 Archive

March 5, 2012 Archive

Advertising | March 05, 2012

Facebook monetizes logout page

Facebook users trying to escape the recent upscale in advertising on the social network will find that even logging off offers no relief as the log-out page is given over to advertising. >>

Advertising | March 05, 2012

DoubleVerify makes data available to AppNexus users

Beginning this morning businesses using the AppNexus ad platform will have more data at their fingertips. AppNexus is a leading real-time technology platform while DoubleVerify is a leader in online media verification and real-time decision making. >>

Blogs & Content | March 05, 2012

Top 3 tips for content sponsorship

E-readers aren't technically new devices - they've been available for a few years now - but with wireless connections, tablets with reading apps and more convenient buying and downloading access they've been given new life. And that new life as many brands wondering where they fit in the e-reading atmosphere. Here are a few tips. >>

Mobile Marketing | March 05, 2012

Girl Scouts celebrate centenary, announce mobile payment adoption

As the organization celebrates 100 years of scouting for girls, this week also brings the announcement that Girl Scout troops in 23 States are now embracing mobile technology and accepting mobile payments for their fundraising cookies. >>

Research | March 05, 2012

Study: Our engagement with brands based on pleasure

When it comes to making purchases - both large and small - a growing theme is on price. Help consumers save money and they'll buy more products from you, goes some of the logic. But a new report from Crested Unlimited flies in the face of that, reporting instead that the leading purchase motivator remains pleasure. >>

Mobile Marketing | March 05, 2012

Pew: Over half U.S. mobile users own smartphones

New research by the American Life and Pew Internet Project shows that smartphone owners now outnumber their feature phone counterparts. >>

Social Marketing | March 05, 2012

Twitter feature allows age-restriction screening

Some brands that cater to exclusively adults need to make sure their audience is of the right age no matter where they are targeting them. A new Twitter feature for such brands has been launched to ensure Tweets are only getting through to an age-appropriate audience. >>