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BizReport : Social Marketing : February 16, 2012

How social check-ins can help brand

Cecking in through social networks - you know, those 'having dinner at ___' linked posts - have been around since social networks took off. But do you know the value of a check-in for your brand?

by Kristina Knight

Clingle is one platform taking check-ins to the next level - for users and for brands. During the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, for example, users could keep track of their favorite marching band or even Santa. From a brand perspective, energy drink brand Red Bull partnered with Clingle, serving live event updates, giving away product and offering gift card purchases during the Sunburn Music Festival in Goa.

"Clingle is a life-sharing platform to share the moments of your life with friends and family. You can share your whereabouts with all your friends or capture moments and share them with a selective group of people," said Archana Patchirajan, Co-Founder, Clingle. "Check-ins, apart from providing insights to the businesses about customer behavior, help customers turn into advocates by sharing the information about the business to their social circle. This especially comes as a huge boon to local businesses."

Earlier this week JiWire reported that location based ads garnered nine times more interaction than non-targeted ads; similar conclusions can be drawn to location based communication in social networks - posts sharing where a user is having dinner, pictures or other information. The post is 'about' the user - which ups the engagement factor for social network followers - but also puts the business name before another group of people.

"We see this kind of interactive communication channel is a boon to businesses as here the business can become an entity in the conversations happening between users, which we think is the logical next step in the whole location based ecosystem," said Patchirajan. "Finding an organic place in users' conversations and having the ability to become a part of their life story opens up all new possibilities. In the current ecosystem, there is a lack of an explicit context around users actions (check-in life ends with 'I am here at a place' and the possible deals you might unlock), but we think that will change when more context gets added to user actions (more of 'what am I doing when I am at a place'). Check-ins could become hugely popular and become more mainstream with both users and advertisers."

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