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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : January 13, 2012

86% of marketers plan to use QR Codes

Mobile barcode firm Scanbuy has released findings of a new study that reveals marketers are well aware of QR Codes and the majority say they will be using them at some point in the future.

by Helen Leggatt

scanbuy.jpgAccording to the study nearly all marketers are aware of QR Codes and 50% are already using them in some fashion. Despite many consumers not knowing what to do when coming across a QR Code a whopping 86% of marketers said they plan to use QR Codes sometime in the future.

However, QR codes are not the only mobile barcodes that are being considered. Scanbuy notes that many companies are looking into the likes of Microsoft Tags and EZcodes.

Scanbuy found that the top three placement choices among marketers are magazines/newspapers, direct mail and product packaging. This is somewhat in line with the findings of a recent study by Martin Chadwick Bailey. It found that newspapers and magazines are where most QR Codes are being found and scanned (35%) followed by on packages (18%) and on websites (13%). Surprisingly few were scanned from billboards (11%) or a piece of direct mail (11%).

Product information, promotions and coupons were the top three content choices for marketers using or considering the use of QR Codes, found Scanbuy.

"We're excited to see the continued growth in awareness among marketers, and we expect both the quantity and the quality of QR Code marketing to grow considerably in 2012 with 86% of respondents reporting that they plan to use 2D barcodes in the future," said Mike Wehrs, CEO and President of Scanbuy.

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  • We have done extensive testing using printed advertising with and with out qr codes. The most interesting findings, was from comparing the exact same business cards, same info, color, everything. the only difference was one had a qr code in the top right corner, and the other didn't have a code. We used 300 of each, and placed them in similar locations on counters, bulletin boards, etc.

    We found that the ones with qr codes had an 65% higher rate of pick up, and a 85% higher chance to take action. That's huge compared to the non coded cards. Now were doing a similar test using yard signs and newspaper ads, with an advanced tracking system for the codes. Can't wait to see the results!

  • Always use a customized code! Boring black and white codes aren't going to catch someone's eye and get them to scan! I love customizing codes and seeing how far I can go. As long as you know how to properly use them haha! Here are some useful ways to use codes. I'm glad marketers are familiarizing themselves with codes!

  • Beth Sliverstein

    PRINT2D is the best company in the 2D Barcode space - hands down. They are mobile developers who take a much different approach to 2D barcodes than do the barcode management companies like ScanBuy.

    Savvy advertisers with a bit of experience using QR Codes will tell you three things:

    1.) No single QR Code reader works well on every phone,

    2.) Generating a code is not the challenge, it's creating a usable mobile experience.

    3.) If you are just tracking the code, you may be missing the boat.

    A QR Code is like a doorway to a store. If you are using a barcode management platform, you will be able to see that someone scanned the code at a certain time of day. What you don't know is:

    1.) How long they stayed,

    2.) What they looked at,

    3.) If they liked it,

    4.) If they shared it,

    5.) If people it was shared with came through, and,

    6.) Any organic searches or linkbacks.

    So, if you are going to dive into the second wave of QR Code advertising, here are some things to remember:

    1.) Get your users the BEST reader for their device by simply using - it's free.

    2.) Make sure your code points to a good mobile experience,

    3.) Track the mobile experience, don't worry about the code - you'll see it as a by-product of much more robust mobile metrics.



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