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BizReport : January 12, 2012 Archive

January 12, 2012 Archive

Ecommerce | January 12, 2012

Moves could give online marketers more options

A few moves in the online space may change the way brands and consumers get together. From data collection to video, these moves could impact how brands engage with and offer information to a growing online community. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 12, 2012

Apps: Revenue from in-game purchases set to to soar

Once your app is ready to be 'sold' do you attach a small price to it or, as many developers are now doing, do you give it away for free and hope users cough up for in-game purchases? Recent research suggests that free apps can generate as much or more revenue than those paid upfront. >>

Social Marketing | January 12, 2012

InSites: Companies don't see benefit from social integration

The consumer base may be heavily invested in social networks, but for big business - and even small business - many say they don't see the benefit to heavy investment. While most businesses have social network profiles (70% are on Facebook, 62% on Twitter and 50% on LinkedIn), those profiles aren't necessarily integrated with marketing efforts, finds a report from InSites Consulting. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 12, 2012

In-Stat: (Screen) size matters

You've heard the saying size matters - or it's opposite, no, size is relative. But in the world of mobile devices it turns out size does matter. NPD In-Stat reports that larger screen sizes - which are preferred by most tablet users - lead to longer engagement/use than smaller screen sizes. >>