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BizReport : January 4, 2012 Archive

January 4, 2012 Archive

Ecommerce | January 04, 2012

Final tally: Holiday shoppers spend $37+ billion online

Once the billion dollar days began piling up - there were 10 individual shopping days which topped the $1 billion mark - there was no question the 2011 holidays season would be a good one for retailers. The question was how far the spending would go. Wonder no more: comScore reports the online holiday shopping spend hit a record $37.2 billion. >>

Advertising | January 04, 2012

New AdWords newsletter sign-up format NOT new

There are many ways to tempt an Internet user to sign up for a free newsletter but Google has another channel to throw into the mix - AdWords. While generally being touted as a new feature the format has already been in use for a few months. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 04, 2012

How those new mobiles are connecting

Smartphones have been available for a few years now, but 2011 saw an upsurge of adoption with many more people switching from feature to smartphones and engaging with content, games and even advertising differently. Smartdevices - tablets, ereaders, etc. - also saw an upsurge, but that has many brands and merchants wondering - just what are consumers doing with those devices? >>

Ecommerce | January 04, 2012

ForeSee: UK online shoppers more satisfied with experience

Online shoppers in the UK were more satisfied with their online shopping experience this year than at any other time, according to new research from customer experience analysts ForeSee. >>

Email Marketing | January 04, 2012

Responsys: Email spike to continue for retailers

Throughout the 2011 holidays, Responsys has reported a spike in marketers' email usage. Now, that spike seems to be less a holiday occurance and more a simple resurgence of the medium. In 2011, retailers sent an average of 177 promotional messages per subscriber, a 16% increase over 2010 and a 50% increase over 2008 numbers. >>

Ecommerce | January 04, 2012

How tech buyers make purchase decisions

Technology had a banner holiday season in 2011. As more people purchased e-readers, tablets and upgraded to smartphones they also looked into devices to turn 'regular' television into streaming centers. And the tech frenzy isn't over. >>