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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : December 08, 2011

NetShelter releases inPowered to amplify sound of influencers

In the land of tech, research is king. Consumers interested in the latest gadgets will look to technology bloggers and other professionals to learn what the device does and how it can enhance their lives. From there they look to consumer generated reviews and along the way they share their findings with friends through social networks. A new release from NetShelter capitalizes on this to help tech brands better engage in-market consumers.

by Kristina Knight

Called inPowered, the platform identifies influential bloggers or pieces of content and then serves relevant ads surrounding that information. They then measure how the content is consumed and how that content is being shared to determine how to better increase a brand's influence over the category.

"Tech is a 'considered purchase' category, in which people tend to do research before they buy," said Peyman Nilforoush, CEO and co-founder of NetShelter. "While conventional display ads promote brand messages, inPowered ads provide an innovative new way to shape opinions and build brands by leveraging tech influencers socially."

You can visualize how the platform works like this: An 'influencer' blogs or shares information about a product, a follower listens/reads that content and tells friends or followers and those friends tell their friends; word of mouth takes over.

"The platform enables brands to build more influence through the [social] stream by identifying who the influential bloggers are and then activating their audiences," said Pirouz Nilfforoush, President, NetShelter. "We measure user engagement on every piece of content through our network, and that content can also be categorized and then weighted. So, for instance, a comment on a post is 'worth' more than a simple like - it's based on the user investment."

In early tests the company found that half of the consumers who landed on a content about smart television, with an ad for Samsung's device, read the content, 25% shared that information through their social networks increasing views of the Samsung ad by 52%.

The inPowered platform is turn-key so brands can see some measurement soon after launch, but for the impact of a campaign, advertisers must wait until it is finished.

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