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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : December 08, 2011

1 company, 5 CEOs: How one business gets the job done

Mobile is changing the way we look at marketing and commerce, but it's also changing the way some look at business in general. With mobile workers don't need a desk or cubicle to stay connected to a home office. And one mobile brand has taken that approach one step further - they've created a multiple CEO model that has thus far avoided finger pointing, arguing and is getting the work done.

by Kristina Knight

"There were five of us who started Bluefish, all life-long friends since grade-school," said Scott Kraege, one of five Bluefish CEOs. "We all worked in one room with five desks and a round table behind us. We heard the way each of us sold, worked, responded to people. There's only one secret that contributed to making this work: we were always 100% open, brutally honest and all business when we needed to be."

Indianapolis-based Bluefish helps companies better manage their wireless needs - they manage user devices, activity and billing and even help with IT integration services. One of the keys to their success? It isn't their friendship, although that is as strong as ever, it is that each CEO has managed every company department at one time or another. So they know what it takes to keep everyone on-task.

One of the big mobile trends they're seeing is the quick adoption of mobile devices throughout the corporate world. As Millennials join the corporate structure, they're bringing their tastes with them, and for many that taste is pure Apple - they've been using iPads and iPhones and want to continue with those same products.

These changes will likely become more prevalent in the New Year, says Iannuzzi. As even more devices are purchased over the holidays, as more businesses mobilize their workforce device fragmentation will happen. There will be an increase in WiFi use, a decrease in voice minutes used; along with additional security for these devices companies will have a need to keep those mobile budgets under control.

"Executives are pushing policy to the side in order to get the technology they want. Often we hear, 'what do you mean I can't get my email on this new tablet - figure it out, support me and the device moving forward'," said Iannuzzi. "That is where we can help because these support requirements are draining policies, resources and IT departments and budgets. We help manage those areas."

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