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BizReport : December 7, 2011 Archive

December 7, 2011 Archive

Ecommerce | December 07, 2011

In-store browsing to become thing of the past?

Window shopping and browsing stores looking to bag a bargain is fast becoming a thing of the past. Today's shopper is smarter, according to a new survey from Deloitte and the Harrison Group, and finding discounted goods isn't anticipated, it's expected. >>

Email Marketing | December 07, 2011

Marketers plan biggest 2012 budget increases for email marketing

The vast majority of marketers plan to increase the size of their marketing budgets in 2012. Almost two-thirds of executives surveyed by StrongMail cite email as the channel they plan to increase budgets for next year. >>

Mobile Marketing | December 07, 2011

SMBs: You may need an app for that

3- and 4G service may be expanding across the US, but the ability and versatility of apps remain a strong selling point for many businesses. In small business climes, however, the cost of creating a full-service app has kept many from investigating this area of mobile marketing. >>

Ecommerce | December 07, 2011

Folloyu uses QR Codes to address online content abandonment

Today consumers divide their online time between a multitude of devices and the challenge to marketers is how to keep them engaged even when they need to switch to another device. New start-up Folloyu has an interesting "continuous browsing" solution using QR Codes. >>

Advertising | December 07, 2011

Adometry integrations should free more customer data for marketers

A big buzzword heading in to 2012? Data. Knowing what pages consumers have clicked to, what brand information they've shared through social networks, the number of emails they've forwarded to friends..the list goes on and it all counts. New partnerships between Adometry and several audience data providers should make gathering and understanding data simpler for many marketers. >>

Mobile Marketing | December 07, 2011

Shoppers hitting stores, online sites to purchase more for 2011 holidays

According to comScore the first 32 days of the holiday shopping period have brought in more than $20 billion, a 15% increase over 2010 numbers. Mid-range and upper-level income brackets are pushing the spending increase find researchers, but mobile is the big story. Their research shows over one-third of mobile consumers have used their phone to make at least one purchase since getting their device. >>