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BizReport : Advertising archives : November 08, 2011

Two publisher services may help monetize content

Two new publisher services may help smaller publishers land larger advertising accounts and in turn helping their ad content appeal to a wider consumer base. From Crimtan, the Crimtan Select program helps small and medium sized publishers land accounts with larger brands. And from boxPAY, a mobile system to help publishers monetize mobile content.

by Kristina Knight

First up, the Crimtan Select program.

"Many sites have good quality content geared to niche audiences, which are of great value for advertisers. Recent developments in technology mean that SMPs can now access high CPM campaigns from some of the biggest and best-known advertisers on the web," said David Wiltshire, Business Development Director of Crimtan Select. "Crimtan Select is in the right place at the right time to help SMPs increase revenue by taking advantage of the latest advances in inventory management and digital advertising sales technology."

Crimtan uses real-time bidding (RTB) and proprietary behavioral targeting to optimize ads for both advertiser and consumer - so that the right ad is shown at the right time for the right price. They've already established relationships with ad agencies in the UK, Ireland and CEE. The Crimtan Select program allows:

• Real-time bidding - allowing publishers to auction to the impression level
• Advanced reporting tools for campaign management
• Segmenting so that visitors can be targeted or retargeted depending on need
• Behavioral profiling

Meanwhile, boxPAY has released a payment system to help media and press members monetize mobile content without the need for full subscription fees. Through the platform, consumers pay for content based on what they read; the fees are deducted from their pre-paid balance. The program is available in more than 30 countries.

"A challenge news and media outlets often face is figuring out how to make money from their content outside of subscription services and advertising. Readers often encounter payment walls that restrict further access to a story or content, and require readers to commit to a lengthy subscription. This interrupts the user experience and can result in lost readership and revenue," said boxPAY Co-Founder Gavin McConnon.

Media publishers are given a billing code to place a payment box on their website; readers who want to read full stories simply pay for one-time access to the content.

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