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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : November 10, 2011

Mobile groceries, headed to an app near you

Busy people alert: a new iPhone app allows you to grocery shop from home or work through an application interface. Sound to 22nd Century to be true? It isn't, and it's one more way for CPG/supermarket brands to engage with shoppers.

by Kristina Knight

metia.pngThe iPhone addition adds to Windows Phone and Android apps already deployed. Will it be used? I chatted with Andrew Martin, Vice President of Metia/Seattle, which created the app, about the possibilities.

Kristina: How does the AmazonFresh app work?

Andrew: AmazonFresh customers can quickly and easily order groceries and thousands of other items and schedule deliveries from anywhere. Further, they can find all their items quickly and easily because of the application's simple and clean-looking interface, speedy search and fast image loads. Customers can have a coffee maker, toy or movie delivered the same day along with their bread and toothpaste. The application takes full advantage of the look, feel and functionality of the iPhone. For example, with just two taps shoppers can use their iPhone's camera to scan an item's barcode and automatically add it to their current or future shopping list. After finding an item, shoppers can simply tap it to view the product page, which includes details such as ingredients and nutrition facts or add it directly to their order.

Kristina: Mobile shopping has really grown over the past 12 months, but most are buying clothing, electronics, etc. Is there a draw for groceries?

Andrew: Absolutely. AmazonFresh keeps track of past purchases, offers discounts for items that you purchase on a regular basis, and delivers groceries right to your door. Users can make their grocery purchase at night and have groceries waiting for them on their doorstep before the sun is even up the next day. It's a saving grace for working parents or anyone who is looking for ways to save time. There are unique challenges to selling groceries online, and AmazonFresh has demonstrated a commitment to a high quality user experience and intense product quality control. It's not as simple to deliver eggs as it is to deliver shoes or DVDs. But AmazonFresh customers are incredibly loyal to the service, and other grocers are trying to get in the space. You'll see more online grocery shopping in the future, not less.

Kristina: What do you expect to see out of mobile commerce over the next 12 months?

Andrew: It's an exciting time to be working in mobile website and application development, that's for sure. Users are increasingly transacting on their mobile devices, and our clients are getting more ambitious with their mobile offerings. You will see better integration of the hardware into the experience (such as the barcode scanning feature in the AmazonFresh application) and you'll see a surge in high quality, high performance apps. We're a global company, so we also keep a close eye on what's happening in developing markets where smartphones aren't as common as they are in the US and Western Europe. There's a huge opportunity in digital marketing for feature phones throughout the world.

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  • Hi Kristina, I think this is a good idea! People love to save time by ordering via their smartphones, and who likes going to the supermarket everyday to do their food shop? I certainly don't! When is this app being released? Thanks

  • kate

    I use snappii and make my own apps. This is a really cool service!



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