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BizReport : November 8, 2011 Archive

November 8, 2011 Archive

Blogs & Content | November 08, 2011

SAY Media, xoJane find content pushing more engagement

From tablets and mobile phones to desktop computers, people are reading more content online than ever. New data out from, the anchor for SAY Media's Style channel shows 2 million monthly page views from 17 million unique users (per month). >>

Advertising | November 08, 2011

Two publisher services may help monetize content

Two new publisher services may help smaller publishers land larger advertising accounts and in turn helping their ad content appeal to a wider consumer base. From Crimtan, the Crimtan Select program helps small and medium sized publishers land accounts with larger brands. And from boxPAY, a mobile system to help publishers monetize mobile content. >>

Research | November 08, 2011

SMBs: How to avoid bankruptcy

The statistics are gruesome: upwards of 80% of small businesses will fail. From that failure, some will escape with their credit scores in-tact and without huge financial burdens. But for most, a small business failure means bankruptcy and credit problems. Can you make your business bankruptcy-proof? >>