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BizReport : October 31, 2011 Archive

October 31, 2011 Archive

Search Marketing | October 31, 2011

Expert offers top 3 SEM tips for upcoming holidays

With Halloween basically in the books for 2011, retailers are brushing up their holiday campaigns hoping to get an early start on the 2011 holidays. While many will focus on the online conversion funnel and polishing search campaigns, one expert says it's the search phrase that is hot this year, not the search keyword. >>

Ecommerce | October 31, 2011

Study: Generics appeal to in-store searchers

When is the last time you were in a brick-and-mortar store, needed product information and ran home to search the Internet? More than three years? You aren't alone. These days in-store shopping questions are as likely to be asked online/through mobile devices than through home computers once a shopper returns home. And those questions are leading to more purchases indicates one report. >>

Ecommerce | October 31, 2011

The surprising social shopping habits of men

In recent months the shopping habits of men compared to women have come under close scrutiny. The latest report to emerge reveals some surprising facts that contradict traditional beliefs about their shopping behavior. >>

Ecommerce | October 31, 2011

PayPal/Capablue partnership enables online payments via TV

A new partnership between PayPal and video-on-demand agency Capablue will enable UK television viewers to make small online payments via their set. >>

Mobile Marketing | October 31, 2011

comScore reports huge rise in mobile banking app use

New figures released by comScore show that more and more Americans are embracing mobile banking, particularly via the use of apps. >>

Advertising | October 31, 2011

Is video a good risk for brands?

Video continues to be a big buzzword for marketers. A buzzword that will only increase in the coming months, according to one survey, as consumers continue adoption smartphones and tablets and deepen their 'always on' connectivity. >>