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BizReport : October 20, 2011 Archive

October 20, 2011 Archive

Ecommerce | October 20, 2011

NRF decreases festive season consumer spending forecast

The last few months have been tough on the pockets of consumers and no-one is expecting a significant rise in consumer spending this festive season. The National Retail Federation has revised holiday retail sales forecasts to show a decrease in spend compared to last year. >>

Blogs & Content | October 20, 2011

PixelMags credits Apple's Newsstand app with 1,000% growth

With so many consumers converting feature phones to smartphones or adding tablets to their electronic favorites it is no wonder the way people engage with content, brands and advertising is also changing. From dedicated e-readers to tablets utilizing reading apps, consumers now have the ability to read content - magazines, newspapers, blogs, books - anywhere at any time. >>

Mobile Marketing | October 20, 2011

M-commerce spend rising, payment methods frustrate consumers

Interest in m-commerce is increasing from both consumers and retailers. A new report by Barclays Corporate shows consumer spending on mobile phones and tablets in the UK will rise significantly over the next few years although other research reveals consumer frustrations with mobile payment methods. >>

Ecommerce | October 20, 2011

How to improve predicted weak holiday sales

First the National Retail Federation released their retail holiday forecast (+2%), now BrandKeys is predicting a similar situation. With the continued weak global economy is there a chance for online businesses to pull a few more sales from the upcoming holiday season? Yes, says one expert. Here are his solutions. >>

Mobile Marketing | October 20, 2011

Consumers getting little reward for QR Code use

While some marketers remain undecided about the effectiveness of QR Codes, so do some smartphone users. According to a survey conducted by research firm Russell Herder over half of repeat QR Code scanners only "sometimes" feel they have received something of value for their efforts. >>

Mobile Marketing | October 20, 2011

Mobile going mainstream? Yes, finds report

If mobile hasn't already reached the tipping point, it is nearing that point rapidly. comScore has reported for months than at least one-third of mobile consumers are browsing the web or interacting with apps to research information. Now a new report from HipCricket finds nearly two-thirds (63%) of smartphone consumers have visited retailer websites. >>