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BizReport : October 7, 2011 Archive

October 7, 2011 Archive

Ecommerce | October 07, 2011

How one entrepreneur is using ecommerce to succeed

Go outside on a sunny day and you'll likely grab for sunglasses as soon as the light hits. For one vacationer, finding sunglasses which fit correctly was tough, so he created his own store. And now the Internet is pushing 185% growth in his company (year over year). Here's how he is doing it. >>

Trends & Ideas | October 07, 2011

15% of Americans own e-reader, 15% more want one

E-readers are becoming increasingly popular with current data putting ownership at 15% of Americans, according to a recent poll by Harris Interactive. >>

Mobile Marketing | October 07, 2011

Mobile payments to hit $170 billion by 2015

Mobile brands and mobile consumers are rapidly approaching a new crossroads - that of the mobile payment intersection. To date most mobile consumers have researched but not necessarily made purchases from mobile devices; that, according to a new Juniper Research forecast, is about the change. >>

Ecommerce | October 07, 2011

NRF forecasts YoY fall in holiday season retail sales

The National Retail Federation has released its retail sales forecast for the coming holiday season. It shows that while growth won't hit the heady heights of last year it will exceed the 10 year average. >>