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BizReport : Advertising archives : September 13, 2011

[x+1] release identifies hot properties for campaign launch

If campaign development causes headaches, for many campaign launch causes migraines. Figuring out which ad properties or categories will best fit a new product, especially with the fracturing of the web, is hard for the savviest of marketers. A new solution from [x+1] may help, but identifying the best combinations of ad placements.

by Kristina Knight

x+1.jpgMany consumers are pulled into the purchasing funnel but exit without completing a buy; this platform first works to bring consumers into the funnel and then navigate through the funnel to complete that purchase.

"The typical media attribution methodology unfortunately rewards both over- and under-messaging throughout the funnel," said Leon Zemel, Chief Analytics Officer of [x+1]. "Media partners are incented to lower their cost per action (CPA) by showing more impressions to likely-to-convert consumers at the bottom of the funnel, and by 'cookie bombing' to capture attribution for sales that would have happened anyway. The result is poor optimizations. Marketers over allocate bottom of funnel tactics like search and remarketing or under-allocate top-of-funnel media that reaches new prospects and feeds the sales cycle."

Called Funnel R/F, the platform identifies which combinations of reach and frequency will engage the most in-market consumers, helping to optimize campaigns from launch. The platform:

  • Analyzed reach/frequency and overall funnel impact

  • Identifies audience overlap across properties

  • Offers performance analytics across the plan
  • The platform monitors and manages campaigns to ensure that effective reach is optimized across the digital landscape. With the platform brands and marketers can define and strategize different funnels for different target audiences, media hubs (news, entertainment, social, etc.) and then obtain analytics showing how the campaign is performing while still in progress.

    Tags: ad optimization, ad tracking, online advertising, x+1

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