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BizReport : Advertising archives : September 09, 2011

How to use social to build leads

Although lead generation is not new to the marketing world, it is getting more play these days because of the fractured way consumers are engaging with content. Primetime television is being increasingly viewed online or time-shifted, newspapers are read over tablets and radio is giving way to MP3 playlists. Which is where platforms like LeadMD come in.

by Kristina Knight

leadmdj.jpgThe LeadMD platform helps brands valuate their marketing processes and implement marketing automation to ensure their messages are delivered in the right time and place. Part One of my conversation with LeadMD's Justin Gray can be found here. One new place brands are finding consumers is the social space.

Kristina: What are your top tips to better utilizing social?

Justin Gray, LeadMD CEO: Most marketers are so used to talking to buyers like a robot (look at all the websites written in 3rd person) that when they try to participate in social channels it comes off even more lame than usual. Social is high velocity; its hip and it should be REAL. You can't fake engagement, and you can't try the same strategies that have been going on in B2B marketing for the last 20 years. If done right, social doesn't cost much, but it can be very engaging. For example, through social channels we've added over 800 names to our own database in 4 weeks, for me that's ROI. Those people have established a connection with our company without ever speaking to someone. They are now in the funnel and many will turn into customers if I nurture them correctly.

Kristina: What trends are you seeing in leadgen? What do you expect to see in 2012?

Justin: Marketing Automation is still very new, in fact the category has really only gotten its name in the last two years. As they embrace Marketing Automation more of the bad practices are going to be exposed. Executives are going to be looking for a way to close the gap on the way they think they are marketing and what the actual numbers are saying. In one word, the focus for 2012 will be education. We need to give our marketers the tools to become true marketing experts. The buyer has changed, the tools have changed - but our marketing teams have stayed the same. A baseline of skillsets is emerging and we are going to see a vacuum of talent for individuals who can transform truly personal conversations through very impersonal (non face to face) mediums like email, online and social.

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  • I agree. Social network engagement needs more personal approach to grab leads. People like to have special personal treatment in a friendly way and they will be more eager to be added as potential customers.



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