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BizReport : Advertising archives : September 02, 2011

Fetchback integrates BrightTag, shortens page load

A new integration from Fetchback should help brands better engage consumers by shortening page load time - you know those ten or so seconds when a page is loading but hasn't displayed. Data has shown that a delay as short as two seconds can cause shoppers to click away from a website. By integrating BrightTag, Fetchback is helping to lower those page load times.

by Kristina Knight

The integration means that marketers don't have to place a Fetchback pixel on their site and enhances page loads so that consumers aren't left to wait. I recently chatted with Patrick Schwind, Chief Revenue Officer with Fetchback about trends in ecommerce.

Kristina: What trends are you seeing in retargeting now?

Patrick: The trend I see taking hold recently is most analogous to email remarketing. Clients are understanding the value of any prospect that visits their site. Retargeting today is mostly used as a last product touched conversion tool. The direction it is headed though has much more to do with funnel management or conversion path management. The ability to drive desired behaviors out of individuals who have already expressed interest in your brand.

Kristina: Last year retargeting was huge throughout the holidays, do you expect similar implications this year?

Patrick: Definitely. Every test and study we have reviewed shows retargeting as the most effective spend for display advertising. This is going to continue to grow. We are seeing retargeting added as a line item in marketing budgets due to its effectiveness. Companies are looking to maintain a cohesive marketing message to their lost prospects and this can be done through proper retargeting. Ecommerce sites are leading the initiative, but it will evolve. FetchBack is starting to work with marketing departments and giving them more control over their brand than they have ever had before. With this control, the possibilities are limitless on how to engage your prospects.

Kristina: What can brands do now to begin preparing for the holiday rush?

Patrick: Clients need to prepare. It is easy to claim you do retargeting by putting up a pixel and uploading creative. This is retargeting v1 and needs to evolve. The company that differentiates their marketing . . . will see better results backed by real data. If someone walks into your store in a brick and mortar environment the goal is to gain that prospect as a life-long customer. Stores add clients to mailing lists, push custom text messages and send emails. This is similar to what should occur on line. If you know a client was looking at your shipping policy or return policy, let that individual see display advertising crafted to what they care about. Use the data to optimize performance and bring that client back. Get creative and treat your lost prospects as unique potential customers.

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