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BizReport : Ecommerce : September 06, 2011

4 Questions with VeriShow's Yuval H. Moed

As consumers spend more time online shopping, researching and chatting, they are also looking for ways to communicate with their favorite brands and shopping outlets. The VeriShow platform is one way brands are connecting by offering live chatting options.

by Kristina Knight

I recently chatted with Yuval H. Moed, the Co-Founder and CEO of the VeriShow platform about live chatting options.

Kristina: One complaint online shoppers have is that they can't immediately contact a seller if they have a question/problem. Is multi-media chat the answer to that?

Yuval: Customer support is only as good as the humans behind it. If a company does not have enough (competent) people to answer the phone or chat online, then the answer is no. An example of how chat can be more effective in helping to quickly resolve a problem: you are having issues with your phone, so you call or chat with your provider. They describe to you in written or spoken word the directions in which to fix the problem: 'turn the phone on the side, look at the top to push the button in order to reset, etc.' Over the phone or text descriptions are hard. Being able to show it in real-time with multimedia chat is much more effective and resolves the issue the first time, therefore making call centers more efficient and shortening lengths of support calls.

Kristina: How does Multi-Media Chat work - is it real time?

Yuval: Yes, it is all real-time, just like live chat, except instead of merely text, users can leverage all the features of VeriShow:

  • Technical suggestions based on use case scenarios

  • Tips to ensure requests for help are answered quickly

  • Suggestions for closing deals on the spot

  • Activities that increase average order value

  • Information to help stem customer attrition

  • Kristina: What kind of feedback are your clients getting?

    Yuval: People that use the service online immediately understand its value over live chat. Users are simply more pleased when they are able to show something as opposed to only describing it, listening and trying to understand. It is exponentially easier to pull up a picture, point and say, 'look here'.

    Kristina: Do you believe, as more consumers becoming online/mobile shoppers, that this type of customer service will become the norm?

    Yuval: You are 30 percent more likely to walk out of a store with a purchase if someone helped you. I personally believe this will be the next phase of customer service, simply because shopping online is the alternative but people are still looking for solutions that make online shopping more personal. Most would not go online and buy a ten thousand dollar diamond ring - but you are much more likely to do it if there is someone online helping, showing, describing and guiding you through the entire purchase, as opposed to being in the store.

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