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BizReport : September 16, 2011 Archive

September 16, 2011 Archive

Mobile Marketing | September 16, 2011

Europe, US showing strong mobile growth

mobileSQUARED's updated mobile forecast indicates that the Big 5 European markets - UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France - are driving smartphone adoption, pushing more brands into the mobile space. They estimate mobile ads will reach just over $1 billion by 2014 and that by 2016 will near the $2 billion mark. >>

Advertising | September 16, 2011

3 Trends to incorporate in 2012 campaign plans

Marketers are embracing digital advertising even as they admit they don't completely understand what makes consumers engage. The key according to one expert is to consistently innovate digital campaigns, giving consumers are reason to click, read, view or otherwise engage with branded platforms. But, moving into 2012 there are three trends brands need to embrace - and which could help them perform even better in the coming year. >>

Social Marketing | September 16, 2011

Survey: Twitter wields more purchase influence than Facebook

In their research into online shopping Kantar Media Compete discovered a surprising statistic concerning the comparative influence of Twitter and Facebook on purchase decisions. >>

Social Marketing | September 16, 2011

3 Questions with Kontagent's Aaron Huang

Wondering what gamification and social gaming mean for your brand? Although gamers are playing more and buying more virtual goods, one report finds that only about 1% of those playing free games spend money within games. I chatted with Kontagent's Aaron Huang to learn what gaming trends mean for online brands. >>

Email Marketing | September 16, 2011

UK Consumers prefer email customer service to telephone

A new survey from Econsultancy reveals high levels of frustration with telephone customer service channels among UK consumers with the preferred method of contact being email. >>

Internet | September 16, 2011

Online PC game subscription revenues decline

Subscriber revenue from online PC games decreased during 2010 for the first time since IHS Screen Digest began reporting on the PC game industry almost a decade ago, according to their latest report. >>