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BizReport : September 12, 2011 Archive

September 12, 2011 Archive

Ecommerce | September 12, 2011

Expert: Shoppers will look for good deals

Although the verdict is still out from experts, consumers seem to have spoken: they like saving money but are overwhelmed by the sheer number of daily deal emails. This is, of course, causing them to delete without opening or even treat legitimate daily deal emails as spam - deleting without opening or even hitting the spam/junk buttons in their email program. A new solution from may help consumers see deal emails more clearly by making them more local. >>

Internet | September 12, 2011

Two-thirds of Americans watch online video at work

Do you watch online video while at work? Over two-thirds of Americans do, according to a new infographic published by Wistia. Maybe you're one of the 42% who prefer to nip to the toilet for a sneaky peek? >>

Ecommerce | September 12, 2011

PowerReviews release leverages Facebook for sales

A new platform from PowerReviews may help drive more commerce from with the Facebook social network. The two offerings, Facebook Discovery and Facebook Community, first help social networkers discover products and then make it simpler to share information. >>

Ecommerce | September 12, 2011

Consumer satisfaction with UK websites continues to rise

Online shoppers in the UK are reporting that they're happier with online shopping today than ever before thanks to eretailers' increasing attention to providing a consistent and well thought out online customer journey, according to a new survey from eDigitalResearch. >>

Social Marketing | September 12, 2011

Report: African-Americans biggest virtual goods spenders

By 2012 eMarketer estimates the virtual goods market (US, in social games) will exceed $790 million; some other research indicates the virtual goods marketplace will generate billions for brands in the space. A new report from MocoSpace indicates which demographics are currently the most engaged with virtual goods. >>

Social Marketing | September 12, 2011

Gallup takes aim at social media myths

Social media isn't great at driving acquisition, but it is good at providing existing engaged customers with the sort of insider information and recommendations that can lead to increased sales via off- and online word of mouth, according to the findings of a recent Gallup survey. >>