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BizReport : September 2, 2011 Archive

September 2, 2011 Archive

Social Marketing | September 02, 2011

The role of social in ecommerce

The media space is becoming more fractured. Where once there were print and broadcast mediums, today brands have online and mobile offerings as well as the traditional outlets. All of that fracture can lead to brand messages becoming lost or simply not being 'loud' enough. Which is pushing more brands into even more alternative ad mediums - like apparel. >>

Mobile Marketing | September 02, 2011

Mobiles getting more play, so is mobile frustration threshold

The ease of connection is one big plus for the mobile generation, but new research finds the frustration level of some consumers is also on the rise. From slow downloads to spotty coverage, mobile consumers want more - and less - connection. How are they engaging on the mobile web? >>

Social Marketing | September 02, 2011

Cone survey reveals power of negative reviews

Negative reviews are just as persuasive as positive reviews and their power is growing, according to a new study from PR and marketing comms agency Cone Inc. that found more people today would change their mind about a purchase after reading negative feedback than ever before. >>

Advertising | September 02, 2011

Fetchback integrates BrightTag, shortens page load

A new integration from Fetchback should help brands better engage consumers by shortening page load time - you know those ten or so seconds when a page is loading but hasn't displayed. Data has shown that a delay as short as two seconds can cause shoppers to click away from a website. By integrating BrightTag, Fetchback is helping to lower those page load times. >>

Ecommerce | September 02, 2011

Redplum: Lottery win would not stop coupon clippers

Even those who had solved all their financial woes with a lottery win would still continue to use coupons, according to the findings of a new survey by deal publisher >>