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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : August 16, 2011

Hunch infographic reveals traits of iOS vs. Android users

According to new data from Hunch, the mobile platform you use may say a lot about who you are and what you do.

by Helen Leggatt

Hunch released an infographic on the personalities of iOS and Android users this week and, apart from some obvious results, it makes for interesting reading.

So what did posing the question "What type of operating system does your cellphone use?" to 15,000 or so users reveal? First off it found more men using Android than women, something that has shown up in previous studies and which is assumed to be a result of Android targeting men in their advertising campaigns.

Hunch's survey found iPhone users to be better educated with higher incomes, be a lot more "high maintenance" and 26% more likely to enjoy splashing out on new toys. Similarly they consider themselves leaders (27% more so than Android users) and early adopters (50% more likely).

Meanwhile 71% Android users say they are more likely to follow than lead, are 29% more likely to save their money and live outside of urban areas (80% more likely to live in the country). They don't go far - 71% of Android users having never left their native country compared with 50% of iPhone users who have visited five or more foreign locations.

Hunch's infographic, which goes on to reveal differences in tastes of fashion, food, technology and media, appears to suggest spending power accounts for many of the differences.

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