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BizReport : Social Marketing : August 12, 2011

4 Questions with Fizziology's Jen Handley

As the social media space matures, many are looking into social as a way to better engage with and understand consumers. Fizziology is one platform helping social media make more sense to brands by analyzing and then explaining what posts, likes, shares and other social tips mean to the brand. I recently chatted with Jen Handley about the platform and why social media research is so important.

by Kristina Knight

Jen Handley, Co-Creator and COO, Fizziology: By using a blend of technology that monitors social media buzz in real-time from Facebook, Twitter and blogs, plus human analysis, Fizziology can predict what these consumer conversations mean for sales, advertising budgets and other important factors that impact the business of movies, talent, brands and a variety of other industries. Fizziology's team of analysts scour thousands of social media feeds to grade sentiment to 95% accuracy, spot trends in the social conversation and provide actionable insights and predictions with a high degree of certainty for decision-makers.

Kristina: What is the benefit of this type of information for online brands?

Jen: Fizziology can help brands understand what people think about them and their competitors, delivering quantitative data and qualitative insights faster than traditional research. And that can make a crucial impact in today's marketing landscape where even hours can make a big difference.

Kristina: Many brands are focused on post-campaign analytics - how many clicks, how many views. How much difference does it make to obtain analytics mid-campaign?

Jen: Why wait until post-campaign when with social media you can see the impact of a campaign in real time, course correcting and tweaking based on consumer reaction. And Fizziology layers in a look across the competitive landscape so it's not just how your brand/campaign is doing, but all of your competitors as well.

Kristina: With more brands moving in to social, there is a lot of buzz about social monitoring - what kinds of social 'tells' are most helpful to brands?

Jen: At the end of the day what's important isn't re-tweets or follows or likes - it's what consumers think. No matter what outbound marketing is done using social media, the real value will be found with the size and sentiment of the organic social conversation around that brand or product or campaign. In that way, social campaigns can be measured the same way event marketing or traditional media can be - by how it influences opinion and behavior.

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