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BizReport : August 31, 2011 Archive

August 31, 2011 Archive

Internet | August 31, 2011

Tomorrow's gamers want life to be a game

The gamers of the future don't want to be isolated, they want to take gaming to the next level and integrate it with the world and people around them, according to a new study conducted by Latitude Research. >>

Email Marketing | August 31, 2011

Epsilon: Click rates flat despite drop in email volume

The general rule of thumb is that a decrease in email volume results in increased performance but the findings of a study by marketing services company Epsilon and the Direct Marketing Association's Email Experience Council found it's not always the case. >>

Advertising | August 31, 2011

What's behind the in-call ad craze and how you can capitalize

It isn't new but call advertising is getting more play as brands try to reach increasingly buy consumer segments. From financial services to retail, brands are looking for new ways to get their message before interested users, and while they are placing calls is one space that results in actions. >>

Advertising | August 31, 2011

Forecast: SMBs to shift more ad dollars to digital

As the public shifts their content consumption to digital avenues, businesses are following. From movie streaming and newspaper reading to time-shifting prime time television to watch via laptop or tablet, consumers are do more with the Internet. To keep up small businesses are also moving online, hoping for a bigger bang for their advertising buck. BIA/Kelsey Group has released a new forecast, indicating the digital ads, performance and customer retention are top priorities for small businesses across the US through 2015. >>

Email Marketing | August 31, 2011

Lyris: 8 trends that will change email

Email has been an evolving medium since the Internet began, and yet with the advent of the social and mobile categories, email has seen a resurgence of sorts. Too many brands aren't updating their email, strategies, however, which is harming their bottom line. A new whitepaper from Lyris sheds light on eight pivotal email trends. >>