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BizReport : August 23, 2011 Archive

August 23, 2011 Archive

Mobile Marketing | August 23, 2011

Apple, Android expected to continue leading mobile space

As the tablet market matures, look for Android and Apple to pull away from the pack. So indicates a new forecast from In-Stat predicting that tablet shipment will surpass 200 million very soon. To take advantage, mobile brands must be functional within both platforms, a new Claritics release may help. >>

Internet | August 23, 2011

Study: Employees that 'cyberloaf' are more productive

Do you worry about the amount of time your employees spend 'cyberloafing'? Don't let it concern you too much because, according to a new study by staff at the University of Singapore, allowing staff to browse the Internet at work might actually be a good thing. >>

Blogs & Content | August 23, 2011

US businesses pushing more cash into travel

Although there are a number of ways to conference within the office and even office to office, US businesses are still paying high prices to send their employees to conferences, meetings and other affairs. In fact the cost of business travel is expected to increase again this year, which may push more of them into the online travel space to find deals and get destination information. >>

Blogs & Content | August 23, 2011

How pharma brands can use socnets to engage

Over the next two year, seven of the twenty most widely prescribed and profitable drug patents will release, making the creating of generic versions legal. For that reason, as well as the huge adoption rate of social networks, one expert believes the time for pharma brands to join the social media race is now. >>

Ecommerce | August 23, 2011

Over half of Brits armed with 'digital till' while watching TV

People that don't browse the Internet while watching TV are now in the minority in the UK, according to a new report from Deloitte and Gfk. >>

Mobile Marketing | August 23, 2011

ShopAlerts expanded to work in apps

Add another way for retailers to engage with shoppers online. Placecast is expanding their ShopAlerts platform to work within apps rather than only through SMS texting. With the adoption of smart devices from phones to tablets, it is important for online brands to be able to engage through these devices. Text messaging is good, but many brands are looking for ways to further engage through apps or browser windows. >>