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BizReport : August 10, 2011 Archive

August 10, 2011 Archive

Internet | August 10, 2011

Few consumers know what cloud computing is but many use it

When it comes to computing, consumers don't have their heads stuck in the cloud according to new research from market research firm NPD Group. >>

Mobile Marketing | August 10, 2011

Smartphone retail activity soars 163% in UK

New research from comScore further demonstrates how much the British love using their smartphones to shop and how they compare with their European neighbors. >>

Social Marketing | August 10, 2011

Social space may not be as friendly as it seems

Although they seem innocuous and fun, social networks can hold as many dangers as they hold old friends and new acquaintances. Many consumers aren't taking the threat of social networks seriously, though, and the dangers aren't only to consumer information. >>

Blogs & Content | August 10, 2011

What the mobile, video explosions mean for advertisers

US adults are spending more time online, on the mobile web and on Internet connected devices to find content. Whether written or video, the content craze is ratcheting up, giving advertising more chances to engage with in-market, interested consumer groups. >>

Advertising | August 10, 2011

Brands: What you need to know about online privacy

As the online space becomes more crowded brands are looking for better ways to engage consumers without infringing on their privacy. Data-driven targeting is becoming even more important across the US and Europe to bring the right content and ads to the consumer at the right time. Added to that, many brands are expanding into new countries. All of this brings the privacy initiatives of those countries to the forefront. >>

Ecommerce | August 10, 2011

Want mobile users to buy your brand? Give them credit

Want to know how to motivate mobile users to buy your brand? A new survey in the UK shows that giving back a little goes a long way, particularly if it helps fund their mobile phone use. >>