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BizReport : Advertising archives : July 21, 2011

How personalization can work in the anonymous online space

As ad personalization gets more buzz marketers are increasingly trying to personalize everything from email messages to tweets. Many, unfortunately, choose the simple way - a name. That isn't how good personalization works, according to one expert. Without further ado, his tips for good web personalization.

by Kristina Knight

"Ecommerce sites need to realize that showing a bunch of yoga supplies to [Consumer X] because three months ago he bought a yoga book isn't necessarily helpful right now," said Doug Merritt, Baynote CEO. "There needs to be more information so that if [Consumer X's] actions since buying that book indicate he is still interested in yoga, it will show more yoga items. But, if the actions don't match up, some other product is shown."

The key, Merritt says, is to use anonymized real-time data so that consumers get what they need in the moment. Being active on social networks as well as having a good ecommerce site, utilizing keyword search and display will also help track and engage.

"The effectiveness of the virtual salesperson is way below in-store sales people. Humans can observe body cues to understand how to help that shopper," said Merritt. "Our technology does this online by observing behaviors in real time. When you go to Urban Outfitters, for example, you get a tailored experience that has worked for like-minded peers. It's very personalized. We believe that a 1:1 personalization is a value, but that personalization of like-minded peers or clusters works much better."

To get that like-minded personalization Baynote watches how search terms are used, how consumers interact with promotions, online FAQs, product information and even social media. All of that anonymous information then creates a fingerprint and a 'like-minded crowd' that has similarities to that fingerprint is created.

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