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BizReport : Loyalty Marketing : June 27, 2011

4 Questions with Clovr's Tom Burgess

Card-linked offers aren't new to the loyalty marketing space, but online and social marketing may give these options more play with consumers who are crunched for both time and money. The Clovr platform is one option for brands; it converts banner and mobile, text and video ads into card-linked offers for brands.

by Kristina Knight

I recently chatted with Tom Burgess about the potential of card-linked offers.

Kristina: Tell me about the Clovr platform.

clovrjpg.gifTom: When clicked, CLOs link savings directly to a consumer's credit/debit card - no point of sale integration, no mail-in rebates or paper coupons - and the savings appear directly on the consumer's bank statement. CLOs are an evolutionary leap forward for Financial Institutions encouraging loyalty and increasing reward points redemption.

Kristina:What is the draw for card-linked offers?

Tom: With CLO's [advertisers] gain a new level of consumer engagement, data collection, targeting and 100% attribution across all forms of advertising. CLO's provide closed loop performance analytics for online to online, online to offline and offline to offline. No matter where the ad appears any consumer can link the advertisers offer to their credit or debit card and make the purchase at any point of sale (ecomm or bricks). The advertiser has no point of sale integration issues and no clerk education. Once registered, consumers can link any offer to their card and never deal with coupons or rebates again. Deals work online and off and the savings simply appears on their card statement post purchase.

Kristina: In mobile and social, buzz is beginning on the importance of not just getting a single customer purchase but building a loyal base of returning social and mobile customers. How can brands build this type of loyalty?

Tom: One of the issues merchants are running into with group buying sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial is that they are bringing in new customers primarily based on the discount, not the product. Customers will go to Joe's Lobster Shack with a Groupon because they are receiving 50% off; not because they love Joe's lobster rolls. In order to build true loyalty with a returning and devoted customer base, brands need to target consumers who have a true want of, or need for, their product. This is the great brand benefit of card linked offers. Consumers will add the discounts to their cards whenever the discount is for a product or service that is of benefit to them. When the consumer goes to the point of sale and receive a discount because of the brand's card linked offer advertisement, it will increase the consumer's awareness of other promotions from that same brand, thus facilitating loyalty in a more fluid manner, much like the traditional coupons of old but with all the benefits of today's technology. Additionally, when a consumer links an offer they like they can share it with their friends via all the social networks!

Kristina: What trends are you seeing in mobile? In social?

Tom: From an advertiser's standpoint, both mobile and social advertising industries are seeing a sharp increase in campaigns focused on interactivity and engagement from consumers through techniques such as gamification and useful content. These, of course, are just other methods brands are employing to build loyalty. Also, I am personally very excited to see upcoming innovations in augmented reality. Although it's still in its infancy as a marketing tool, I think you will see some brilliant augmented reality mobile marketing campaigns very soon.

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