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BizReport : Email Marketing : May 20, 2011

How to make your email messages mobile friendly

As more consumers adopt smartphones and tablets, many are also making an email switch. Yes, they still check email from the PC, but many also check email from mobile devices which means email marketing campaigns need to be updated. How to mobilize your email campaign? Read on for our top tips.

by Kristina Knight

Some may be thinking of creating two different campaigns - one for mobile, one for traditional computer screens, but this isn't necessary. The first step according to Campaigner's Melanie Attia is to optimize images within the campaign.

"[Creating separate email campaigns isn't] necessary," said Melanie Attia, Product Marketing Manager for Campaigner. "I think there's a healthy balance in designing your emails. Make sure your images are optimized for emails - compressed as much as possible - and make sure [the] email looks good, and the message comes across clearly without the images."

Second, don't over-think mobile versus computer too much. Some generalities will remain the same, for instance, use the 70%/30% rule where your message is 70% content and 30% images. Also, include a clickable call to action with the image.

Then, as with traditional campaigns, it's time to look at the sender name and the subject line. The sender name should be accurate, for instance, it should use a proper name - Mary, Tom, Joe - rather than something more generic. Then, the subject line should be front-loaded.

"As smartphones often only display four to six words in the subject line...make sure your most important content is upfront," said Attia. "The two [most important pieces are] the email envelope - which is the sender name (usually the first word of the name) and the first five words in your subject line. The content needs to be clear and easy to navigate with fingers - not with a mouse - so bigger buttons and larger links are king."

Finally, check and double-check your HTML. Generally, traditional PCs are capable of showing more HTML than mobiles are. While your checking the HMTL, check the message on a smartphone to make sure there isn't a lot of toggling back and forth or shrinking/enlarging of the message needed.

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  • As more and more smartphones flood the market, mobile becomes an increasingly important medium. Crafting your e-mails so they are mobile friendly is a good way to stay connected with your customer on the go. If they open it on their phone and can't read it, will they both re-reading it when they get to their home computer?



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