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BizReport : May 26, 2011 Archive

May 26, 2011 Archive

Blogs & Content | May 26, 2011

How Publisher's Clearing House stays relevant with consumers

Thought of by most as the 'mail-order sweepstakes' company, Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is a case study in how a brand can take itself from the 1950s to the 2010s by embracing technology. They are still known for mail-order sweepstakes, but many may be surprised that their online sweepstakes brand is performing as well as their offline brand. How do they make it work? >>

Social Marketing | May 26, 2011

53% of youngsters would give up sense of smell to stay connected

The importance of technology to today's youth, and how it defines and motivates them, has been revealed in a new study from McCann Worldgroup. >>

Advertising | May 26, 2011

Online video ads attract more attention than TV ads

Recently released results of biometric testing show that viewers of online video pay more attention to advertising, and have a better recollection of those ads, than those who watch television advertising. >>

Advertising | May 26, 2011

3 questions with cloud-based ad platform Flite

Marketers around the globe are talking about and experimenting with the cloud - serving content, ads and video from the cloud. Offering materials from the cloud. Cloud-based ad hub Flite is taking the cloud further by offering two new ad units built specifically within the cloud so that the ads are constantly updated and contain a wealth of information - at real time speed. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 26, 2011

How mobile shoppers are engaging through the space

On a given day, chances are your target market isn't just sitting at a computer desk or watching a specific television show. As consumers' lives become busier they are turning to mobile to stay in touch with family, work and even favorite programs. New details from Mojiva and Chief Marketer show how consumers are engaging with the mobile web. >>